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GCOM to Present at the AfricaCom2019

AfricaCom2019 ends perfectly at the Cape Town International Convention Center in South Africa from November 12 to 14, 2019. GCOM also successfully completes this year's trip to South Africa and returns with a full load.

AfricaCom is one of the most famous and influential communications exhibitions in the world, and has held 21 sessions so far. It has become an important information platform for exploring South Africa and radiating the African market, bringing together major manufacturers in the global communications industry, and leading the industry's technology trends.

As a first-class communication equipment manufacturer, GCOM has attended the South African Communication Exhibition for three consecutive years. GCOM has multiple product lines including GPON, 联赛PON, EPON, switches, and ONT. GCOM continues to leverage this platform to showcase star products and solutions such as the new series of 8 / 16 PON ports GPON / EPON box-type OLT and S6100 series 10G uplink switches, and achieves good results and responses on the spot. Customers from Africa and around the world come to the GCOM booth to learn about the latest product technologies and exchange cooperation intentions.

At present, our customers and partners are located in South Africa, Europe, Thailand, India, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and other places. GCOM products have always been based on customer needs to provide customers with the most practical and feasible solution, which is one of the reasons why GCOM has been trusted and recognized by customers. In the future, GCOM will be more determined to bring better products to farther parts in the world!

GCOM will persist in technological innovation and bring the latest communication technologies and solutions to all parts of the world. GCOM also looks forward to working with more and better partners to explore the market, and promote the progress of the communications industry!

Home >>About us >>News >>Corporate News